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Impressionism is a wide populated in early 19th century ~20 century in France, Europe and America and the world at an art school and the literary thought. its edge is against the old classical painting and wallow in the affectation of romanticism as Sunset at Giverny by  Claude Moneta medieval knight literature crisis. Impressionist uptake of Corot and the Barbizon School, and Courbet realism of nutrition, in the 19th century, modern science and technology (especially optical theory and practice) inspired, focused on the study and performance of the external light painting. Impressionist painters promoted outdoor sketches, images depicted directly in the sunlight, thus abandoning changed little since the 16th century, brown tones, and artists own observation and direct perception of the eye, show subtle color changes.
In the broad sense, sometimes also used in the late 19th century the term Impressionism art (usually refers to music, but sometimes also refers to literature), which used similar skills and accomplish with Impressionist painting.
Major impressionist painters include Monet, Manet, Pissarro, Renoir, and Sisley (Alfred Sisley), Edgar Degas (Edgar Degas), Morisot (Berthe Morisot), Guillaumin (Armand Guillaumin) and Frederic bazille (Frederic Bazille), they work together, interact, and together with independent exhibition, Manet exception to only continue to seek official approval. The painter in his early writing career, on the ruling of the European art up to 200 years of all the rules of expressing dissatisfaction with the classicalism.

In 1874, this artist independent exhibition was held for the first time, and France compete official Salon of fine arts college, most of the latter has repeatedly refused to display their works. Initially people used the name Impressionism sneered at this group of painters. They later started 7 exhibitions were held, the last held in 1886. In the meantime, they continue to Dance Rehearsal in the studio of the opera by Edgar Degasdevelop their own personal style and personality. After 1886, the groups announced the disbandment of the Impressionists. Although its existence time is very short, but in the history of art completed a revolution, the West emerged from the artist and subject matter of the painting in the shackles of the established relationship between freed.
Literary Impressionism, is generally a highly personal writing approach, reflecting the writer's personal temperament. Works of some writers to its appeal very strongly and are thought to be compared with Impressionism in painting, they are Thomas Mann, Herman HesseF. Madox Ford and Evelyn Waugh.
As a trend of art, Impressionist painting in art has an important place in the history of the world, since it promotes innovation and change of the ideas of art technique, to Europe, America, Japan and even China or large or small effect on the artist.
After promoting the birth of Impressionism

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